SQLCLR Regression routines

This DLL will give you, as developer, the ability to make predictions on your data.
The algorithms in the DLL are based on Least Square Regression methods and will give you the coefficients for the formulas.
You can also see which formula which will give you the best fit, in percentage style.

* Linear regression has 4 formulas

* Polynomial regression has up to 12 checks, but the most common are

You can now have polynomial regression up to (a*x0 + b*x1 + c*x2 + + xn), where n is ranging from 0 to 12

* Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient

Here is the DLL

Here are the install script

Here are the example scripts
Sample1.sql Linear
Sample2.sql Linear
Sample3.sql Polynomial
Sample4.sql Spearman

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